Pierre de Calvert Wedding

My favourite hotel in Montreal is Pierre de Calvert. Stepping inside is like stepping back in time. BOOM! You’re in 17th century France.

The place is stuffed with heavy, gold furniture. Deer heads on the walls. Giant oil paintings. Velvet curtains. Leather bound books in the library. Scrolls. Parrots in the conservatory.

Unfortunately, it’s all coming to an end. The building is for sale. The current owner has lovingly tended it for the last 50 years and wants to retire. Once he’s gone, it’s over. It’s on prime real estate in Old Montreal. It will be a groovy café  / condo / bike rental place before the ink is dry on the bill of sale.

So, go have dinner in the fabulous dining room. Stay in one of the incredible rooms. Or– if you’re really clever– get married there, as this couple did a few weeks ago.

dining room pierre de calvery hotel montreal

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I Love Wedding Speeches

I love wedding speeches. As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen hundreds of them.

One of the funniest wedding speeches was when the groom’s brother got up and started talking about how his brother always broke things. Furniture, cars, dishes– everything.

“Even my toilet seat,” he said, “A few years ago, my brother came to visit me and he broke my toilet seat. How is that even possible?”

Then he reached under the table, pulled out that very toilet seat, walked over the groom and put it around his neck.

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