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Classical Trio

My Favourite Classical Trio

My favourite classical wedding trio is by Trio Amore in Montreal. 

There's nothing more elegant than having classical musicians playing Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. Or Pachebel's Canon. Or the joyous Mourette's Rondeau when you're coming down the aisle together, hand in hand, finally married! 

Here are Trip Amore's tips for choosing and working with classical musicians on your wedding day. 

Tip 1: Book Early


Having a classical trio playing during your wedding ceremony is really special, so if you want it, book it early. The later you book, the greater chances that the ensemble you've been thinking about will be booked by the time you get around to making a decision.

The wedding season is short, and even shorter when you figure that most weddings are between May to October. Our busiest months are August, September and October, and all the long weekends.

Tip 2: Hire Professionals

Students are wonderful-- I was one a long time ago too --  but while hiring students can save you a few dollars, professionals will bring you peace of mind with their years of experience playing at weddings.  

Professional musicians have experience playing in all types
of venues. Boats, wine cellars, chalets, restaurants, temples, mosques, churches, chapels, barns, parks, beaches, vineyards -you name it - we've played there! We can tell you what will work and what won't -- things like, beware of outdoor venues near airports – you'll need to accommodate for noise!

Every wedding is unique, and we treat each event with kid gloves. Our trio is always on high wedding alert from the moment we are given the signal to start to the officiant thanking us for our services.

Neat and Tidy

Professional musicians dress appropriately, and our bags are small and portable so they can be neatly stored away during your wedding ceremony.
You'll never see our gear cluttering up your beautiful photos.

Prepared for Anything

We always bring an extensive repertoire of several hundred classical and popular songs with us, so we're always ready for anything. If the wedding party is delayed or, there are last minute musical requests, we just take it in stride.

At one wedding, for example, the bus with the groom and his family got lost, so we just kept playing cocktail music until they arrived!

Tip 3: Do Your Research

Check the websites of groups you are interested in. Do you get a professional feeling? Do they have helpful information? Do they have audio or video clips? Do they respond in a timely fashion? Do they have photos of locations/venues played?

Tip 4: Choosing Music

Stuck for musical ideas? We love helping clients choose their music, and pride ourselves on helping you choose music just for you. We specialize in elegant, classical music, but we can do almost anything -- including pop tunes.

Pop Tunes

For pop tunes to work on classical instruments, the main melody must be able to stand on its own without drums or singers. With us, the flute usually replaces the main vocal line. Just remember that we're only three instruments, not an orchestra, so not everything will work.

We can accommodate almost any unusual request, and have played everything from Metallica to Hockey Night in Canada to Guns ‘N Roses. We've even done the theme song from the movie Forrest Gump!