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My Favourite Videographer

My favourite videographer in Montreal Elie Nemes from Focus Video. Elie is calm and unobtrusive on the wedding day, and does wonderful work.   

Here are Elie's tips on working with a videographer for your wedding. 

Tip 1: Don’t Hire a Company That Does Both Video and Photo

Hire specialists – otherwise you can end up with bad video and bad photography.

Tip 2: Hire Video and Photographer Who Know Each Other 

It’s important that the videographer and photographer know each other, and work well together. If a photographer is running in front of me all day, it will ruin my shots—and your wedding video.

Tip 3: Meet the Videographer Before the Wedding

Meet your videographer before the wedding to talk about the whole day. I want to know exactly how they want the day to go. Do they need help with posing? Do they want something classic or do they want something more freestyle and natural?

Tip 4: Ask How Long It Takes to Get Your Videos 

It takes me 6-8 weeks for the long version and 1-2 weeks for the short version.

99% of people choose their own music for the video. It’s usually one song for the short version, and about seven for the long version. We can also add honeymoon pictures at the end of the video. About 60-70% of my clients do this. 

Tip 5: Ask if the videographer will share your video on social media. 

Some people are private and don’t want this. I send them a private message with the link so they can decide if they want to share it or not. 

Tip 6: Ask for the Raw Footage

Most videographers don’t provide this, but I do. Over 50% of my clients ask for this. I give them everything, all the bloopers, the sound, everything. Maybe they will never watch it, but they have it. There’s no extra charge for that. They just have to provide the hard drive.

Tip 7: Book at Least a Year in Advance

If you want the main videographer at a company (like me), book at least a year in advance. Otherwise, you will get one of our other videographers.

Tip 8: Get Two Cameras

You get the best coverage with two cameras. For example, one videographer gets the bride coming down the aisle, from the front. You see her face, and get a nice view of all the people watching. The other videographer shoots the groom’s reaction, with tears in his eyes, as she’s coming down the aisle.

Focus Video

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