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Wedding Cakes & Sweet Tables

My Favourite Wedding Cake Bakery

My favourite wedding cake bakery is Patisserie Tillemont. It's a family bakery that's been around for 45 years, and head cake designer Nancy Di Pietro (below) is is joy to work with.

Here are Nancy's tips on working with a wedding cake decorator, and tips about wedding cakes and sweet tables. 

Tip 1: Book 3 Months in Advance

It is best to order your wedding cake 3 months in advance to make sure your date is available.Also, if there are any special stencils, molds, cake toppers or supplies we need for the cake, there is enough time to order them.

Usually, people want the classical, elegant wedding cake, but we can do anything. The only limit is your imagination. We once did a cake for a DJ that was probably 6 feet high-- taller than me -- with a rotating disco ball on top. We even had a DJ board that lit up at the bottom!

Tip 2: You can Have your Cake and Eat it Too! 

Fondant is a layer of sugar paste on the outside of wedding cakes. Some people prefer not to eat it because they find it too sweet. But I always tell people that just because your cake is covered with fondant, you don’t necessarily have to eat that part of the cake.

The fondant is there to give your cake a smooth, elegant, refined look. It allows you to do elaborate and elegant designs on the cake, like the one below: 


We have a rolling machine to smooth out our fondant; therefore it is always the thinnest possible and gives the cake its beautiful straight finish!

Personally, I don’t eat fondant. I just leave it on the side. My kids – that’s all they eat!

Tip 3: Use Your Wedding as Inspiration for Your Wedding Cake

I’d say 90% of people want to “marry” the style of their wedding with their cake. They’ll say “I want modern bling, or “It’s a rustic wedding,” or “I want the vintage, classic six-tier wedding cake.”

They’ll send me pictures for inspiration and it gives me a great start in understanding their style and what they are looking for in terms of design. It’s a great way to get the conversation started. Or they might send me a picture of their wedding dress or their invitation for inspiration too.

Many brides want the vintage, classic, elegant cake: white on white, with hints of gold or pearl. Some designs have damask or baroque patterns, or beautiful sugar lace.

We do a lot of rustic cakes too – for outdoor weddings, weddings at vineyards and golf courses. For these weddings, we do semi-naked cakes with real flowers and greenery.

Tip 4: Make Sure your Cake is Served as the Main Dessert

If you are buying a cake from Tillemont, it’s delicious and gorgeous so make sure it’s served as a main dessert!

Sometimes, dessert is included with the meal from the venue where you are getting married. If that’s the case, we offer the option to have fake tiers. Usually, we’ll do 40% real cake which can be served as part of the sweet table, and the other 60% are fake tiers.

Tip 5: Stick with the Popular Flavours

You can't go wrong with vanilla sponge. Most people order that.

Our most popular cake is the vanilla cake with ricotta filling. Whenever we do wedding shows, we always bring that, because everyone loves it. 

Our Ferrero Rocher cake with praline filling is also popular.

For those who want fruit…our Vanilla cake with Crème Légère and fresh strawberries is delicious too – it’s light and refreshing after a big meal.

Tip 6: Ask if Your Venue Allows an Outside Sweet Table

If having a personalized sweet table is important to you, make sure your venue allows it before you sign. Sometimes venues don’t allow outside sweet tables because they want to serve (and charge you for) their sweet table. 

For some brides, this is a deal breaker because they want their sweet table to match their wedding theme. It's fun making the sweet table – it is a part of the wedding where the couple's personal style and personality can really shine through.

We work with the couple and find out what type of variety they are looking for. Do they want personalized cookies? Cake pops? Homemade pastries?We do milk and cookie shots - Mason jars treats - Brownie stations - Cupcake stations. We even do popcorn stations, with pink vanilla or salted caramel popcorn. The sky's the limit! 

Patisserie Tillemont

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Phone: (514) 727-9466
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