L'Auberge Saint Gabriel Wedding Photographer

Auberge Saint Gabriel is historic jewel in the heart of Old Montreal, and a fabulous place for weddings. Built in 1688 by a French soldier, it was also the first place in North America to get a liquor license on March 4, 1754. Today, the ancient stone walls are adorned with coolest modern art and the rooms are filled with truly eclectic décor, including a flying stove and a cow with a lightbulb on its head. .Weddings are held up a seemingly endless set of creaky steps up the top of the building—but the artsy décor and loft-like appeal of reception hall at the top is well worth the climb. .This couple decided to do their photos just a few kilometers away, on the Lachine Canada. Passionate joggers and bikers, they spend much of their leisure time on this historic 14 kilometer bike and rollerblade path, just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. .Ibn particular, this couple wanted to have the Farine Five Roses sign in the background of their photos. Soaring above the city like a beacon from another era, the flashing Farine Five Roses sign is quintessential Montreal: bilingual, nostalgic, slightly tattered, but indescribably lovely..(In fact, I fell in love with that sign that day—and went back a few months later to photography it at sunrise!). .As soon as this couple positioned themselves in front of the signs, I marveled that the angle of the light hitting the bride’s face - there was a perfect Rembrandt triangle on her cheek! This style of lightening is named for the Dutch painter Rembrandt. I remember learning it in photography school, many moons ago. Rembrandt lighting is when there is a triangle or diamond shape of light underneath the eye which happens when you positioning the light very high and at 45 degrees on one side of the face. .Not only that, but standing there in the groom’s arms, the bride suddenly looked exactly like Marilyn Monroe! The bride’s beauty, combined with the joyous energy that radiates from these newlyweds on their wedding day, created all necessary elements needed to create a perfect photograph. .