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Studio Iris Weddings How We Work

Studio Iris Weddings - How We Work

After you choose Studio Iris to be your wedding photographer, the first thing we do is make a detailed schedule of your wedding day.  Couples love our schedules-- it makes their wedding day real for the very first time, plus they get a real sense of how their day will unfold. 

Two weeks before the wedding

We go over the schedule one last time in case there have been any changes. I will also ask for a copy of your invitation so I can get a picture of it, and I'll send you a special form to fill out so I know who the important people to photograph on your wedding day.

1-2 days before the wedding

A day or two before the wedding, I call the bride to chat about the weather on the wedding day, and to see if she has any questions for me. 

The wedding day - finally!

Not much explanation needed here.... other than a reminder to get a good night's sleep the night before!

2-3 weeks after the wedding

Here's my post wedding checklist:

  • Download memory cards into the computer
  • Back up all images on external hard drive
  • Examine each picture carefully and edit out all the bad ones (closed eyes, weird facial expressions, or unflattering shots that would just embarrass someone)
  • Once the images are edited, we adjust each one in Photoshop: lighten images if they are too dark, straighten crooked horizons, then add colour and contrast to make the images "pop."
  • Create on-line gallery of your wedding photographs on the internet for friends and family to see and enjoy. People they can download as many photos as they want for free. Allowing people to download photos themselves means one less thing for the newlyweds groom to do.
  • Post 10-15 images to blog to give the bride and groom a "sneak peek" of their images

Big Screen Viewing Session

Your wedding pictures will be ready three weeks after the wedding. At this point, we'll send you note to come in for your special big-screen viewing session.  

For this, we dim the lights, put on some romantic music, and leave you two alone in the viewing room to see your wedding photographs for the very first time. 

Your wedding photographs are projected very large, making this a very special experience for the two of you as you relive your entire wedding day from start to finish! 

4 weeks after the wedding

We send a note to the bride and groom, reminding them that it's almost 45 days after the wedding. This is the final cut off date for 30% off on all wedding albums, thank you cards, folios, and fine art prints.

1-2 years after the wedding

Your first portrait session after the wedding is always free. We can do maternity pictures, newborn photos, or even romantic pictures on your first anniversary.

Just don't be a stranger! I hope you now consider me "your" photographer, with your wedding being just the first time we meet.