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Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages

My wedding packages are simple, with no hidden costs or surprises.  

I have two packages: 6 hours ($1,800) and 8 hours ($2,300), plus tax.  

The cost includes a USB of colour-corrected photographs, an online photo gallery with free downloads for friends and family, and one large hand-printed archival print.  

If you want a second photographer, add $500. 

Wedding Albums

We have also have beautiful wedding albums for those that want them. They range in price from $1,200-$2,500, plus tax.  Below is a large storytelling album with panoramic pages.  

Renaissance Albums

My Approach to Weddings 

My approach to weddings is intimate, personal and true-to-life. I want you to be able to look at your photos years from now, and remember exactly how you felt that day. 


There's so much emotion on a wedding day, particularly the love and tenderness between newlyweds. For me, this is one the most important thing to capture on a wedding day. 


Moments happen all day long at the wedding, then are gone forever.  These serendipitous moments - a glance, a kiss, tear - reveal something genuine about people, much more  than a "1-2-3-smile" photo ever could. 

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All brides are radiantly beautiful on their wedding day. It springs from the deep joy inside, of finding someone special, and joining your life to theirs. 

Many brides don't realize this on their wedding day. They might not even see it until years later, when they'll be looking at their photos and they'll suddenly realize how truly beautiful they were that day.  

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I focus on your relationships with the most important people on your wedding day: your parents, your siblings and your friends. 


Family photos are about your closest relationships, and honoring these relationships. They are also a record your family at a specific moment in time. 

Of all the photos of your wedding day, these are the ones you'll come back to, time and time again. Because these photos are so important, I make sure there's enough time in the schedule to do these photos properly. 


At every wedding, my goal is to create one showstopper image that captures the newlyweds in a single, perfect image. 

I include one hand-printed archival print in both wedding collections, and it's often my showstopper image that my clients end up choosing for their bespoke print.

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