wedding photographers in Montreal

There is no prettier place for wedding photogrtaphs than Montreal’s Botanical Gardens (French: Jardin botanique de Montréal), which is where this photograph was taken. It’s a bit of a hike out there, but if your wedding is in the east end of the city, it’s a no brianer. .At almost 200 acres, Montreal’s Botanical Gardens is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2008. There’s the Chinese Gardens, with its jade green lake, stone bridges, winding paths, a tiny rock mountain and many Chinese-style buildings. There’s also a First Nations Garden, a Japanese garden and an alpine garden. In spring, there is a field of lilacs that goes on forever that is both perfect for wedding pictures, and a heavenly place to sit in the shade and literally smell the flowers. .This wedding was particularly special to me, as I had photographed the bride’s sister’s wedding five years earlier. It was like seeing old friends the entire wedding day! And the sister’s wedding, like this one, was a traditional Vietnamese wedding starting with the groom’s procession to the bride’s house, the giving and receiving of traditional Vietnamese wedding gifts and a tea ceremony with the respected elders in the family. .This couple had an engagement session before the wedding, and were happy they had done so. First, it gave us a little bit of time to get to know one another before the wedding and the bride and groom completely at ease while we were taking pictures on the wedding day, as they knew exactly what to do. .