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The bride and groom from this Eastern Township’s wedding were two of the shyest, most modest people I have ever photographed—completely the opposite of these two boys who I captured peeking mischievously over the pew during a wedding ceremony in Quebec's Eastern Townships. Grandma put a stop to that pretty quick, though and the two boys were sitting back straight and feet down quick as a flash. .The wedding was in a sweet country church near Magog, in the heart of Quebec’s Eastern Townships. Famous for its rolling hills, clear lakes, beautiful wineries and rustic artisanal farms, the Eastern Townships is perfect for those looking for a romantic, rustic wedding. I have done several Townships wedding, and have loved every one of them. .Being extremely religious, the bride and the groom asked that I not move around the church taking photographs or do anything else that might distract them from the solemnity of the occasion. .This meant photographing the entire wedding from the mezzanine and the back of the church. It was tough, as the floors in this old country church were extremely creaky, so I spent the entire 45 minutes creeping around the back of the church, my heart on my mouth, trying to not make a sound! It was completely nerve-racking—but being stuck in the back of the church why probably I got this great shot of the two boys. I might not have gotten if I had had free reign of the church. .Taking this photo, I had one of those "ah HA!" moments, when you just know you’ve got a great shot—or "decisive moment" as it is also called. This term was coined by legendary French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, when, for a split second in time, all elements in a photograph are perfectly balanced. .The Decisive Moment was also the title of Cartier-Bresson’s firs book (Images a la Sauvette in French). Upon its release in 1952, Cartier-Bresson received personal letters attesting to the books brilliance from likes of Jean Cocteau, Alexey Brodovitch, Carmel Snow (then editor of Harper’s Bazaar), and Joan Miro who. The French publisher Tériade claimed it was "one of the most satisfying books that [he] had had the pleasure of making." .The book had risen to astronomical prices as an out- out-of-print collectable, but finally, after 62 years, it was rereleased in December 2014 by German publishing house Steidl..After the wedding at the church, the entire wedding party piled into their cars and the long convoy drove through the cornfields-- everyone enthusiastically honking their horns-- headed for the wedding reception at Hotel Cherbourg in Magog. Some 15 minutes later, we arrived at this rustic inn at the foot of majestic Mont Orford. What a great place for wedding pictures! The property is ringed by giant pines, and there’s a pretty little lake in front. .