I miss people

My job is 100% social, 100% of the time. As a “people” photographer, I am always around people. I miss the bubbly sociability of weddings… business events… family portraits in the park… professional portraits… Christmas pictures… graduation pictures…

I miss my studio mate

I share my studio with another photographer. I miss gossiping… chatting… sharing Photoshop tricks… cookie breaks… hearing about his kids… learning obscure Jewish facts…

I miss the smell of the studio

I miss opening the door and stepping into the familiar smell of the studio – kind of like dusty cinnamon buns.

I miss the certainty that the studio will stay open

The studio has always just… been there for me. I guess I took it for granted.

I moved into the studio 7-8 years ago, but my studio partner has been there over 30 years.

But photography is social. And sociability is – quite literally – the death of people these days. Not just in the short term, but probably in the long term too.

Will the studio be around in 6 months? In 3 months? Hard to say.

But unless someone comes up with a vaccine really, really soon, it’s not looking good.