I was always looking for the chance to take a photo like this.

A photographer friend of mine had taken a photo like this, and I just loved it: the groom scooping the bride into his arms and walking away – as if starting their new life together.

It took a few years, but then one wedding, I had the right couple: he had to be willing to swing her into his arms, and she had to not mind), the setting (gorgeous golf course) and the time (I had about 30 seconds to try it before I had to get them into the golf cart and back to the venue).

So, I tried it! The groom scooped up the bride – they ran across the golf course – then they collapsed into the golf cart and we sped away.

The photo didn’t work out exactly as planned: the light was different, the day was different, the couple was different – everything was just different.

I do love this image, though. It’s a beautiful couple, in love, in a gorgeous setting.

But its also a great example of why its difficult – if not impossible – to reproduce a picture exactly. Photos are about freezing a moment in time – and one that moment has passed – you can try – and even get something beautiful – but you will never get exactly the same image.