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Books by Montreal Photographer Monique Dykstra, including My Heart on the Yukon River and Alone in the Appalachians

My Heart on the Yukon River

My Heart on the Yukon River is Monique Dykstra's story of paddling over 3,000 down the Yukon River, where she photographed and interviewed the people along the way. Published by Washington State University Press

Alone in the Appalachians

Alone in the Appalachians is Monique Dykstra's story of being one of the first people to hike the newly inaugurated International Appalachian Trail. Published by Raincoast Books.

Montreal Gazette

Monique's weekly column in the Montreal Gazette featured black-and-white portraits of ordinary people and stories about their lives. With subjects ranging from belly dancers to sailors, from nuns to gravestone salesmen, Monique Dykstra's Montreal was a celebration of some of the unique people who call Montreal their home.