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Clinton & Chretien

US president Bill Clinton in conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chreties in Montreal, Canada.

Corporate Portraits


Baby and family portraits by Montreal photographer Monique Dykstra, Studio Iris Photography


Vintage Montreal

Vintage photographs of Montreal by Monique Dykstra, Studio Iris Photography

Book 1 - My Heart

My Heart on the Yukon River is a a book containing interviews and evocative black and white photos of people along the Yukon River by Montreal photographer Monique Dykstra.

Book 2 - Alone

Alone in the Appalachians is a book about solo hiking the 1,000 km International Appalachian Trail by Montreal photographer and author, Monique Dykstra

Book 3 - Cookbook

The Secret Is in the Sauce was a project that relied on Quebecers’ (of all origins and languages) love of food and their innate sense of celebration and festivity to create a project that brought together and gave recognition to anglophone culture among first-generation immigrants and First Nations communities.

Montreal Gazette

"Monique Dykstra’s Montreal" was a weekly column in the Montreal Gazette by Montreal photographer Monique Dykstra that featured ordinary and extraordinary people in Montreal.

Inspirational Women