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7 Tips For Great Business Portraits

7 Tips for Great Business Portraits

Book Portrait Session 1-2 weeks in Advance

We offer same-day bookings, but it’s best to take 1-2 weeks to prepare for your portrait. The first step is to think about your image, and think about the image you want to portray in your professional portrait.

Think About Look You Want to Portray  

Are you a lawyer? You want to look authoritative. Wear a fabulous suit and a crisp new shirt.

Are you a psychologist? You need to look approachable and kind, yet still professional. For men, wear a casual sport jacket and an open-necked shirt. For women, wear a softly-fitted jacket and understated jewelry.

Are you a technical writer, working from a home office? A suit jacket and open necked shirt for men, an elegant sweater or blouse and simple jewelry for women.

Not sure what to wear? Call us for a free image consultation: (514) 208-4747.

Finding the Clothes     

Now that you know what image you want to portray, IT;S time to go look in your closet. Do you have the necessary clothes, or is it time to go shopping?  

New Clothes: New clothes look crisp and neat in photographs. Plus, you'll feel great in new clothes, and this pride will come across in the photograph. If you can't do new, just make sure there are no stains, wrinkles or creases in whatever you decide to wear.

Your Clothes Should Never Overwhelm Your Face: Keep it simple. This is not the time to wear your metallic gold dress or leopard-skin top hat. Classic, understated clothing in simple elegant styles work best.

Solid Colours: No busy prints, plaid, checks, or shirts with big, bold lettering. The emphasis needs to be on the face, not the clothes.

Long sleeves: Long sleeves are best. Showing the skin on your arms draws attention away from the face.

Jewel tones work best: Royal blues, luminous greens, rich browns, khaki, grey – all these look great in a photo. Burgundy is also great, but never red. It just never photographs well. Black is is fine, as is white or cream.

Freshly-Pressed Clothing: Make sure your clothes are beautifully ironed when you come in for your portrait session. For clothes that wrinkle easily, iron it before the shoot, put it on a hanger and carry it to the studio.

Understated Jewellery: Keep the jewellery simple, elegant and understated. You don't want anything that will pull the attention away from your face. 

Hair and Makeup

Men's Hair: Get your hair cut at least a week before the shoot so it doesn’t have the dreaded “I’ve-just-been-to-the-barber” and “my-hair-is-a-bit-too-short” look.  The morning of the shoot, shave really, really well.

Women's Hair:
 It’s best to get your hair cut at least a week in advance, then the day of the shoot, have your hair blow-dried and your makeup professionally applied. 

For this, we recommend Au Premier to all our clients. They know exactly how we want our hair and make-up done, plus it's just a 5 minute drive from the studio.

Be Very, Very Good One Week Before Shoot

The week before your shoot, try to eat well, get plenty of sleep and avoid alcohol. While you’re at it, stay out of the sun, don’t touch your face and drink lots of water.

If - after all this effort-- you get a pimple on your forehead or the cat scratches your nose, don't worry. We can retouch pretty much anything. 

Get a Good Night’s Sleep the Night Before 

If you wake up the morning of your photo-shoot feeling tired and sick, call us and cancel. Don't worry-- we won't charge you a penalty for this. We want you to be happy with your photos, and if you look exhausted in your portraits, you will not be happy. We can retouch a lot in Photoshop, but tiredness isn’t one of them.

Eat a Good Breakfast

Eat a nice big breakfast before you come down to the studio. Fruit, cereal, yogurt, a big cup of coffee-- go for it! We want you to arrive in a great mood with lots of energy for your photo shoot.

Get Ready to Have Fun

Getting your photo taken is fun. Really it is. You'll see when you get here.

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