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"Alone" Book

Alone in the Appalachians

By Monique Dykstra
Published by Raincoast Books

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From the back cover:

The legendary Appalachian Trail, stretching from Georgia to Maine, attracts millions of hikers every year. The International AT, opened in 2000, has added 1,073 km from Maine to Quebec.

This addition to Raincoast Books popular Journeys series is the tale of writer and photographer Monique Dykstra's adventures while hiking the brand new International Appalachian Trail. She's a city girl who thought hiking was "simply a matter of throwing some clothes and a few granola bars into a pack and heading for the hills."

Two months, 1,073 km, and countless blisters later, she wasn't so sure.

This extremely funny narrative includes Dykstra's descriptions of the characters she meets along the trail as well as 50 of her fascinating photographs.