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9 Surprising Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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1) Will the photographer care about your "issues?"

I once had a super tall bride. The groom was on the short side. The bride said "Please don't make me look like a giraffe next to my husband in the pictures."

And then she said: "Oh, and I hate my back too. Too many freckles."

I shot every photos of that wedding with those two thoughts in mind. I had to because I knew she's be unhappy with her wedding photos if I didn't.

If you have any issues like this, your photographer needs to know - and they need to care.

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2) What is the photographer's attitude towards family pictures?

Family photos are first thing that people download after every wedding. I know because I check each couple's online photo gallery every wedding.

It'll be a photo of the bride and her mom. Or the groom and his parents. Or that big group photo we did on the church steps.

Because of this, I make sure there's enough time in the schedule to do the family photos.

Not all photographers do this, so make sure that family photos are a priority for the photographer you choose. You'll be really disappointed if you don't.

3) Does the photographer have a studio?

Successful, full-time photographers have studios. Part-time weekend warriors work out of their basement. Who would you trust more to shoot your wedding?

4) Does the photographer have lots of reviews on Google, Facebook and Wedding Wire?

We live in the age of online reviews. If a photographer you're thinking of working with has very few on-line reviews, it's not a good sign.

5) Does the photographer run a proper business, work with contacts, provide invoices, etc. ?

You want to make sure you are dealing with a proper business. Otherwise, how do you know that this photographer will be around for long enough for you to get your wedding photos?

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6) Is the photographer reliable, organized, punctual and respond to email and phone messages promptly?

If you answered "no" to anything above, don't hire that photographer.

7) Is the photographer friendly?

It's a wedding.You want a happy photographer who will be nice to your guests. It seems like a small thing, but it's not. Your guests will notice if the photographer is gruff, arrogant or impatient.

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8) Are you sure the photographer will be well dressed at your wedding?

I see photographers wearing jeans at weddings and it makes me crazy. I don't care how much of an "artist" you are. Have some respect.

9) Will the photographer made a schedule for you?

I make a schedule for all my clients. It's the only way to guarantee that I will have enough time for the pictures.

Don't leave this up to the wedding planner, and don't make this schedule yourself. Only the photographer knows exactly how much time they need for photos.

10) Do you like the photographer's photos?

Forget the price. Forget the packages. Forget all that stuff you read on the Knot about "wedding photographer's styles."

There's just photos you like and photos you don't.

Ask yourself: "Do I catch my breath when I look at the photos on this photographers website?"

If so, hire that photographer. Those are good pictures.

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