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Auntie Momo's Top 15 Wedding Day Tips

Auntie Momo's Top 15 Wedding Day Tips

My niece got married last summer, and after shooting 250-300 weddings over the past few years, I had lots of wedding advice for her. Here are my top 15 tips, starting with the most important one first.

1) Don't choose a big, heavy wedding dress

Don’t get a big dress. You will be hot and miserable your entire wedding day.

Most weddings are in the summer. Summer is hot. The less clothes the better. You don’t want to be walking around for 14 straight hours in the heat, wrapped in miles of heavy fabric.

Think light… flowing... weightless…

2) Don't wear super high heels

Right after saying "NO" to the heavy dress, say "NO" to super high heels.

Your feet will hurt. You will be miserable. Wear something comfortable. No one will see your feet anyway.

It also doesn’t work to say “OK, I’ll wear the high heels going down the aisle, then switch to lower heels for the rest of the day.”

The dress is hemmed for the shoes. When you switch shoes, the dress looks folds up on the front and looks bad.

3) Avoid strapless wedding dresses

Avoid strapless wedding dresses. You will spend the entire wedding yanking up the front of the dress.

Getting into the limo (yank!), going down the aisle (yank!), during the photos (yank! yank! yank!), at the cocktails (yank!) during the first dance (yank! yank!).

Strapless dresses are also super tight. They have to be to stay up. It's just no fun being squeezed into a hot tight dress for 14 hours.

Again, think light… flowing... weightless…

4) Don't over-train at the gym

Do't go too crazy at the gym. You want to look strong and healthy. Not like the Incredible Hulk, with veiny biceps popping out of your dress.

5) Don't forget to thank your parents publicly

Don’t forget to thank your parents during the speeches. Thank your spouse's parents too. I don't know why, but lots of newlyweds forget to do this.

jewish wedding photography

6) Don't forget to thank your parents privately

Pull your mom aside on your wedding day and say “I love you.” Thank her for everything she’s done for you. Do the same thing with your dad. They deserve it, plus they’ll remember the moment forever.

7) Don’t skip the speeches

Wedding are long. People get bored. Especially during dinner. Speeches liven things up. And the best man’s speech is always something to look forward to. Will he tell embarrassing stories, or keep it clean and classy?

8) Make sure there's enough time for family photos

Don't just assume your photographer will take family photos. Not all photographers make this a priority. Make sure you pick a photographer who takes these photos seriously and does them really well.

9) Don't do a receiving line

Don't make people stand in line for 1-2 hours to say hi to you. It's boring for your guests, it really dampens the party mood.

If greeting everyone is a priority for you, grab your new spouse and tour all the tables during dinner. Even better, get your photographer to tag along and get some fun shots of everyone at the table toasting the bride and groom.

10) Wear a veil - they look awesome in photos

What little girl hasn’t draped a towel over her head and said “Look at me! I’m a bride!” Veils are so wedding-y. So classy. So fun. When will you ever get another chance to wear one? They also look amazing in photos.

Newlyweds running through scattered rice after wedding ceremony at Cathédrale Saint Sauveur Melkite in Montreal

11) Get table shots at the reception

Ask your photographer to do table shots. Again, don't assume they will, as many don't.

Table shots are when the photographer asks half the people at the table to stand up and go behind the people who remained seated.

While these pictures are not “high art,” these are some of the photos you'll look back on the most.

It’s everyone you know and love. Plus, it’s a fixed moment in time. People die, move, get divorced, remarry, have babies, etc. Looking at your table shots is like visiting a time capsule, especially as time goes by.

12) Don’t get a smoke machine at the party

If you want good party shots at your reception, don’t get a smoke machine. The photos come out flat and colourless.

13) Hire the best DJ you can afford

Your DJ will make or break your party. A good DJ can read the room and get everyone dancing - not just the young people, but the old people too.

DJs also make you a schedule for the evening, bring backup sound equipment, set up lighting, take song requests from guests, and make sure everything happens when it should, all night long.

14) Have an open bar

If you can’t afford to offer your guests an open bar, reschedule the wedding until you do. Being cheap with your friends and family is a just a bad way to start your new life together.

15) Get a second dress for the reception

By the time you get to the reception, you’ll have been sweating in your wedding dress for hours. An hour or two into the reception, slip on a fresh dress, touch up your hair and makeup, and you’ll feel - and look - so much better.