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Montreal Wedding Photographer Chateau Taillefer Lafon

Just back from Athena and David's wedding... a day of pure bliss and love for this lovely couple at the Chateau Taillefer Lafon vineyard. First, there was their epic 6 Year Wedding Proposal (now viral on You Tube with over 3.5 million hits). The story behind the video is, the couple had dated for six years, and about a year into their relationship, they had the idea to document some highlights of their lives by taking pictures with letters. They wanted to prove that if they got married one day... that ''we always knew''. .What the Athena didn't know is that for their final letter (which they planned to do in their home town of Montreal) David had something bigger planned. .After the excitement of the proposal and being on news outlets around the world as a result of their viral You Tube Video, the couple got down to preparing for their wedding in Montreal. The day dawned clear and sunny, a perfect day for an outdoor wedding in the vineyard. After the ceremony, I took the bride and groom into vines, and captured many lovely images of them through the leaves. I like this one in particular, as the brides face is shining with love. .

Location: Le Château Taillefer Lafon - Winery & Cidery, 1500 Mnt Champagne, Laval, QC H7X 4H9.

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