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Wedding Info

Wedding Info

2021 Wedding Packages

Studio Iris Photography wedding packages for 2021. We now have a full COVID refund policy in place for unavoidable cancellations.

How long do I need a wedding photographer?

Use our handy list of everything that happens on a wedding day, and how long it takes to photograph each part of the day. Don’t forget to add travel time between the various places.

Why Choose Studio Iris?

10 reasons to choose Studio Iris for your wedding, including 5 star reviews, images in both black and white and colour, flexible payment options, detailed wedding schedule and more.

75 Wedding Venues

List of 75 of the finest hotels in Montreal, as well as reception halls, golf courses, boutique hotels and other on-of-a-kind wedding venues.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) include: How long after the wedding do we get our wedding photos? Do you do videography? Do you work with a second photographer?

Best Places in MTL for Wedding Pics

Best places to take wedding pictures in montreal

Top 10 Wedding Day Tips From a Photographer's Perspective

My niece got married last summer, and after shooting 200-300 weddings over the past few years, I had a lot of wedding advice to give her. Here were my top 15 tips, starting with the most important one first.