Wedding Photographers Hotel Du Lac Tremblant

This rustic inn in the Laurentian Mountains with panoramic views of Lake Tremblant is an ideal place for weddings, particularly for this couple who are avid outdoors people. With all their friends and families coming from Ontario, they also needed plenty of rooms, which was no problem for this large, rambling hotel where all the rooms have wood-burning fireplaces and spectacular views of the lake and mountains. .During the entire drive up to Tremblant, the sky was reassuringly overcast, which is perfect for outdoor weddings, as this one was. Shooting anything outside in the hot, direct sun is much more difficult, and is nowhere near as good for creating beautiful wedding images as an overcast sky. Even more challenging was the fact that this wedding was to be on a dock jutting straight out into the lake. In full sun, this could lead to unwanted reflections bounding back into the camera. .The clouds held until about 30 minutes before the ceremony, when the sun came blasting out. "Darn!" I muttered under my breath knowing how hard it is to make great photos in terrible light. But of course… the photography of the ceremony went off without a hitch. I worked around the sun, and used it to my advantage whenever I could—backlighting the bride, getting close-ups, shooting with a long lens from patched of shade ( I learned that trick from legendary photographer, Cliff Maunter). I even got a few breaks from battling the light when a few puffy clouds drifted by. .There wasn’t a whole lot of time after the ceremony for pictures of the bride and groom, but the bride wanted on shot in particular—a photograph of her and her man down on the dock, with the lake and the mountains in the background. We did the shots she wanted, then I lay down on the dock and shot up at the couple against the powder blue sky. I love the simplicity of this image as well as the longing in the groom’s face - it’s so romantic! .s well as the longing in the groom’s face - it’s so romantic! .