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My Heart on the Yukon River

By Monique Dykstra

Washington State University Press

In search of adventure and great photographs, photographer Monique Dykstra and a friend canoed down the Yukon River, travelling over 3,000 km across Canada's Yukon Territory and the State of Alaska. Paddling 70-80 km per day, Dykstra photographed and interviewed the unique individuals she encountered in the sparsely settled wilderness.

Cover of the book "My Heart on the Yukon RIver" by Monique Dykstra
Cover of the book "Alone in the Appalachians" by Monique Dykstra

Alone in the Appalachians

By Monique Dykstra
Raincoast Books

Feeling confined by city life, Monique Dykstra set out to hike the brand-new International Appalachian Trail, from Maine to Cap Gaspe, Quebec. A city girl, she thought that hiking was "simply a matter of throwing a few granola bars into a pack and heading for the hills." Two months, 1,073 km and countless blisters later, she was not so sure.

This hilarious and moving narrative includes 50 colour photos and vivid descriptions of the characters Dykstra meets along the trail. It also contains a 24-page guide to the IAT.

The Secret is in the Sauce

By Monique Dykstra & Monique Polak

Blue Metropolus Editions

In the pursuit of great recipes, photographer Monique Dykstra crisscrossed Quebec with author Monique Polak to interview 20 Quebec seniors from English speaking, ethnic and First Nations backgorunds.

The book was produced during the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020-2021 and sometimes required complicated manouvering to complete, but when the book was finally complete, the two Monique's agreed it is one of their proudest accomplishments. 

 - Sold Out - 

Cover of the book "THe Secret is in the Sauce by Monique Dykstra and Monique Polak
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