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Colourful Circles in Montreal's Villa Maria Metro have 70s Vibe

Buried in their thoughts, travellers hurry by past the giant colourful circles in Montreal’s Villa Maria metro station and barely see them.

But if you stop to look, the huge circles exude a cheerful and exuberant 1970s vibe.

Colourful circle artwork in Montreal's Villa Maria Metro by artist Andre Leonard

Each colourful circle has a slit cut into it with a thick, silver peg in the centre. Every circle is rotated slightly, relative to its neighbour, to suggest a sense of movement.

This effect is replicated on the train platform, where the yellow stripes come first in the bands of cheerful colour on the floor, nearest to the entrances.

The circles were created by the architect who created Villa Maria station, André Léonard.

Léonard was also the architect of metro Henri Bourassa (west access) and metro Université de Montréal, then later worked with the Montreal regional parks service.

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