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Vineyard Weddings at Chateau Taillifeur Lafond Have California Vibe

Chateau Taillifeur Lafond is a great wedding venue for couples looking for that "California vineyard vibe" just 20 minutes from downtown Montreal.

The first time I shot a wedding here, I was amazed at how close it was.

You head north on highway 13... cross the bridge to Laval... past the malls ... traffic... more malls ... then suddenly you're at highway 640, and driving up the long driveway towards an gorgeous stone chateau, surrounded by vineyards.

There is a spot overlooking the vineyards for outdoor wedding ceremonies, a large covered terrace for outdoor cocktails and many places for beautiful photos, inside and out.

Château Taillefer Lafon 1500 Mnt Champagne, Laval, QC H7X 4H9


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